This Is Not a Prize #3

Liz Larner

This Is Not a Prize 2018 has been assigned to artist Liz Larner, represented at FIAC by Regen Projects (Los Angeles) and Max Hetzler (Berlin).

FIAC, 2018

Liz Larner was awarded at a ceremony on the Balcon d’Honneur of the Grand Palais, in the presence of the fair director Jennifer Flay and the committee members: Daniel Baumann (Director, Kunsthalle Zurich), Sarah Cosulich (Curator, Mutina For Art), Konstantin Grcic (Designer), Massimo Orsini (CEO Mutina) and Francesca Taroni (Editor in Chief, Living Magazine Italy).

The committee has awarded Californian artist Liz Larner for her unique sculptural language which combines an abstract approach with an interest for both formalism and the emotional. While being close to an idea of classicism, her sculptures always bring a Californian landscape into play, a sense for light and lightness, but also for repetition, fragile balance, and elusiveness. As one of the members of the committee said: “Her art is both elegant and brutal”.


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